The Testimony of John Todd - Lance Collins (all available tapes)

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“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood,
but against principalities, against powers,
against the rulers of the darkness of this world,
against spiritual wickedness in high places‚‚
Ephesians 6;12

(at the fifth hour, there are around 70 minutes,
where it plays no sound (sorry for that)
i have left an hour free by mistake,
but don´t worry there was no audio in there)
at 06:12:27 it continues

John Wayne Todd, also known as "John Todd Collins", "Lance Collins", claimed to be a former occultist who was born into a 'witchcraft family' before converting to Christianity. He was a leading voice warning against the Evils of Dungeons & Dragons, Catholicism, Neopaganism, and Christian rock.

In his public appearances, Todd made a variety of claims about witches, Satanists, and the Illuminati, who he alleged were conspiring against Christians. These purported conspiracies often included government officials and leaders of Christian organizations.

Todd spoke at many Christian Ministries between 1977 and 1978, exposing the existence of a vast Satanic conspiracy led by an order of witches called the Illuminati, supposedly including a number of Christian organizations and well-known Christian figures such as Jim Bakker, Jerry Falwell, Billy Graham, Bob Jones, Sr., Oral Roberts, and Pat Robertson. He claimed to have given, (as a member of the Illuminati) millions of dollars to Pastor Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel to launch the Christian rock industry, which Todd said was a Satanic invention to entrap Christian young people in rock music and its "demonic beat". He claimed that Falwell had been bribed by the Illuminati with a $50 million donation. Todd also exposed Ayn Rand's 1957 novel Atlas Shrugged as the Illuminati's blueprint for unleashing a planned Satanic takeover. He urged Christians to stockpile weapons and food in preparation for a Satanic takeover beginning in 1980.

This Audio file is a complete compilation of all available recordings of John Todd's warnings and personal Testimony of coming to salvation in Jesus Christ.

10:49 come on, you can confess, that the Lord will forgive you
41:11 Hello, fuller than it was this morning...
01:07:55 fear belongs to the devil, when the devil went, my fear went
03:33:33 burn em´ ...burn em´! BURN THEM BURN THEM! hahaha
03:59:14 Necromonicon (the Witches, the Fairies, the Hobbits, the Elves...
and then through intermarriage they start to become everyday People)
04:11:27 (Corruption - they buy Banks and bankrupt it
then come back and solve all the problems)
04:11:43 (Energycrisis - they get elected, they cause the problems
and then solve them so it looks like they´re doing something)
07:48:48 Questions and Answers

John Todd - The Illuminati and Witchcraft - His Talk [1977]

Tape 1A) 0:05 John Todd's testimony of deliverance from the occult, evils of witchcraft - with 43 minutes of audio. The sound quality will improve after the first couple minutes.

Tape 1B) 41:10 Music and Spells, 44 minutes

Tape 2A) 1:22:15 Dangers of fortune telling, familiar spirits, CS Lewis, JRR Toiken, etc. - 43 minutes

Tape 2B) 2:05:12 Charles Manson, Sharon Tate murder, Process Church, epilepsy, UFOs, demon possession, Jimmy Carter etc. - 40 minutes

Tape 3A) 3:16:47 What is the Illuminati? CFR, Trilateral Commission, what 33rd. degree Masons believe about Lucifer, etc. - 43 minutes

Tape 3B) Continuation of what is the Illuminati? Who leads it? The Charismatic movement - Chuck Smith - Jesus Rock - John Birch Society - Freemasons, purpose of Rock Music, etc. - 40 minutes

Tape 4A) How to survive, etc. - 43 minutes

Tape 4B) Masons, Salvation message by pastor 1 hour 16 minutes -
The audio quality is not very good but still audible.

Tape 5A) Todd's testimony about the occult world, the Illuminati, the Collins family, introduction of witchcraft to America, etc. - 41 minutes -

Tape 5B) Salvation testimony, deliverance from fear based on 2Tim1:7, Rock Music, Book of Mormon based on the witchcraft bible "Book of Shadows", witchcraft symbols used in jewelry, Catholic mass compared to witchcraft, why JFK was killed, etc. - 39 minutes -

Tape 6A) History as a witch, doctrine, evils of television, 43 minutes -

Tape 6B) More details of his life in the occult, evils and addiction of rock music, purpose of rock music - to get Christians cast spells on themselves! etc. - 36 minutes -

Tape 7) John Todd - Ex Council of 13 Member Exposing the Illuminati [1978] - 1 hour 6 minutes

comment: These talks were given probably in 1978 or shortly before.
They were originally recorded on analog audio tape.
The audio quality therefore is rather mediocre.
The value of this information is considerable.

Curriculum vitae according to his information:

It is said of his family (Collins)
to have brought witchcraft to the United States.
The family was originally called Collins,
but after they became too well known,
they moved to another state
and took the name "Todd".

He was in his family as a witch from the beginning
was brought up and since then
it has been practically forbidden for him
to deal with Christian teaching.
His sister was already a Witch-Queen
at the age of 13 over the state of Ohio
and he was Witch-King over the state of Indiana
(one of thirteen states where he held that office).

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