Prophecy Revealed: Gulags, the Global Agenda and the Mark of the Beast | Pt1. Hrvoje Moric #053.

1 year ago

Prophecy Revealed: Cyber Gulags, the Global Agenda and the Mark of the Beast | Pt1. Hrvoje Moric #053.

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Joining me today for another enthralling episode is Hrvoje Moric, host of Geopolitics & Empire Podcast, a Geneva School of Diplomacy graduate, former Professor of International Relations, proud Croatian American Mexican and founder of the fantastic Geopolitics & Empire podcast and host of The Hrvoje Moric Show on TNT Radio.

In Part 1, we discuss the problems we face across the West, the digital gulag that's being erected, the fallout from Covid, and why a political solution seems hopeless.

Highlights we cover include:

- 15-minute cities
- The Fourth Industrial Revolution
- Manufacturing Consent
- The power of Human Agency
- Psychosurgery
- Cashless society
- How analogue technology was more difficult for social control
- 2030 obsession – what’s really going on?
- Dystopian future and the Woke Empire
- The Ultimate Black Pill
- The geopolitical chess game underway
- The groundswell of resistance – are we powerless to resist?
- The crushing of spiritual faith, resisting evil, and the Book of Revelation

In Part 2, premium content for members only, we talk about the solutions, what you can do and how you can resist. We talk about how we can avoid the tyrants of the state by utilising internationalism, flag theory and digital nomadism. We also do a deep dive into the value of second passports, residency, offshore structures, and much more. Don’t miss it!

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