2005 Varla Jean Merman at Viva Variety 50

1 year ago

2005 Varla Jean Merman wowed the audience with her Xmas medley of "Ring My Bell" and the classic Xmas bell song by A. Non! But I wouldn't let her leave without showing one of her hilarious videos - this one about a tragic love between Varla and a Burger King worker.
Over the course of 50 shows and 6 years, Viva Variety worked with new up-and-coming artists as well as established performers to allow their works to be seen by the public and to be recorded for the historical record. A critical success and winner of a Best of the Bay Award, the live shows, which were all videotaped for posterity, remain a record of gay and β€˜gay-friendly’ performances by the Bay Area’s finest talents.
This is an upscaled HD version of the original video.

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