All Star Poltical Panel: Police Policies, 2024 Presidential Campaigns, and more

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8 months ago

Special Guest: Steve, ex-police officer from DeKalb county. The command staff have become political. Now the police officers have to be mental health professionals. DeKalb has had the program for some time, a mental health professional would ride along with the officer. It worked better than before.

We are seeing the ATF Fast and Furious with the current FBI. Comer is requesting the documents from Chris Wray which is completely redacted. The fact that no one is fired or prosecuted. Falsifying things to get a FISA records is not errors. After 911 the mood of the country was to do what it took to put a stop to terriorism. Before 911, the FBI had so many days to investigate the crime and if nothing came of it, it was shut down. After 911, it was to be proactive and they are searching for the crime. When it is missused you are going after political opponants, moms at board of education meetings, J6 participants. The mission of the FBI has been changed to spy on the American people.

What is going to happen with the 2024 presidental election. The are all going after to take down Trump. Is the donor class pulling away from DeSantis putting in Pence and Christie? It is not who can do the job it is the candidate who checks the boxes.

Winners and Losers

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