A Conversation with HHS Whistleblower Tara Rodas

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MG Show Season Five Ep. 96
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Today's Guest, Tara Rodas, is bringing awareness to the facts that (1) hundreds of thousands of children have crossed the US border; (2) HHS has processed these children and delivered them to sponsors all around the US; (3) over 90% of the sponsors have no legal presence in the US; (4) sponsors are criminals, traffickers, and known members of Transnational Criminal Organizations; (5) 85,000+ children are missing; (6) every month, hundreds of children call an HHS hotline to report they are being abused, neglected, and trafficked; (7) HHS is a $2.7 Trillion-dollar agency which is over 20% of the entire US budget; (8) the HHS Unaccompanied Children Program spends billions of dollars to process and transport these vulnerable migrant children all around the country yet HHS has ZERO responsibility for following up with the children; and (9) "sponsors" have no responsibility to report to ORR nor are they held legally responsible if they breach the Sponsor Agreement.

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