The Dawn of AGI: Bret Speaks with Alexandros Marinos on the Darkhorse Podcast

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3 months ago
ChatGPT AI Doomers

Bret Speaks with Alexandros Marinos on the dawning of the AI age. Where are we, where are we headed, and how should we react?

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00:00 Introduction
02:50 Doomers
04:48 Sponsors
11:31 Doomer continued
16:50 Single point of failure
25:58 Rationalists during COVID
28:28 Yudkowsky on being doomed
39:10 Rationalism and Roko's basilisk
48:50 Yudkowsky's view
01:00:30 Comparison to Nuclear non proliferation treaty and GOF lab research
01:06:45 Remarkable or horror
01:19:20 Alexandros uses of AI
01:30:10 Is panic useful?
01:34:20 COVID analogy and deepfakes
01:46:05 5 AI catastrophes
02:00:50 Is success possible?
02:08:00 What can we do today?
02:17:18 Why Alexandros is misrepresented
02:25:00 Absence of Rationalists during COVID
02:40:20 Bret defending Sam Harris
02:48:23 Wrap up

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