Bill Binney - Is Anything Secure ?!!, 4109

8 months ago

Good Memorial day evening, I’m still reporting on computer security.

I finally made contact with Bill Binney and his wife, Dr. Katherine Horton once again. I feared that they had permanently disappeared, but no. We finally reconnected.

I have grown very interested in the EPIC Cash project – a relatively new crypto-currency project that is run by volunteers with the specific intent of finally providing a secure form of spendable cash which is totally private.

Unfortunately, Bitcoin is not private. Every bitcoin transaction you make is on the blockchain, including what you buy and how much of it you buy or sell. Most people don’t realize this, and when they do, Bitcoin’s value is going to sink like a stone.

Still many people do not realize how filled with untruths the internet is when it comes to this app being private or that coin project actually providing private transactions.

So that brought me to take one last shot at reaching out to Bill Binney because there is no one that I trust more than Bill Binney. Why? Bill was in the NSA for more than 30 years and was basically their chief of technology. He held the exalted title of Technical Director of the World for the Geopolitical and Military Analysis and Reporting Group. So when your title starts out with Technical Director of the World, that’s enough for me. Let’s see what you think.

So after we showed each other our dogs, I got right down to business. Many folks believe that some communication apps like Signal provide rock solid security.


I’m still reporting from just outside the citadel of freedom – and no, I don’t mean Washington, D.C.– good day.

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