Violent Berserk Liberal Revealed as Prominent Oncologist

4 months ago

After doing a some research on my previous video of a berserk liberal smashing his bicycle against a vehicle to the extent of smashing the window to bits, it turned out the culprit was a prominent oncologist in British Columbia by the name of Dr. Kim Chi whose uncontrollable rage was sparked by comedian Alex Lasarev who used humor to mock the official Covid narrative. Of course, no legal action has been taken against Dr. Chi since the government North of the Border has become as politically weaponized as here in the States.

Oh, and I had to laugh especially hard at comedian Alex Lasarev's observation that it is now impossible for him to eat kimchi without thinking of the berserk violence of Dr. Kim Chi since I had the same memory reaction last night at a party at a Korean steakhouse when I saw the bowl of kimchi in front of me.

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