Implementing Trump’s Health Plan Upgrade for Workers

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Implementing Trump’s Health Plan Upgrade for Workers
Steve Alley - President, JSA Group,

Trump the presidential salesman didn’t explain very well the incredible health market improvements implemented by his high-level staff. From expanding Medicare savings accounts for Out of Pocket to requiring Hospital price transparency, he also empowered employees with what’s called the “Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement”. ICHRAs allow deductible enrollment of workers in ObamaCare plans that are portable so families get to keep the health plan when they leave the job.

Equally important for innovative insurance agents, ICHRAs allow upgrading from insurance to Medical Cost Sharing which is both more affordable than insurance AND more expansive in terms of choosing doctors. The latter is critical because insurers’ networks foisted on families exclude the best doctors a patient would want, in recovery from a catastrophic diagnosis - like cancer or heart disease. Doctors seen outside an insurance network led to bankruptcy and surprise bills. Conversely, sharing enables cash shopping and worldwide choice - and more of the integrated (natural) solutions families increasingly demand.

Facilitating insurance alternatives and portability make the ICHRA an incredible upgrade for families and the bosses who pay for the health plan. Mr. Alley has systemized the enrollment process to make it easy - and compliant with the various laws affecting such plans.

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