"Pfizer Trial Contained Fraud" | Brook Jackson

1 year ago

In this exclusive interview with Brook Jackson, we learn how the Pfizer trial to approve the Covid vaxxines was improperly conducted. Brook Jackson worked for Ventavia, a contractor of Pfizer to conduct the clinical trials. Brook observed fraud and improper conduct that invalidated the portion of the trial she was involved with. She complained to Ventavia, Pfizer and the FDA and was promptly fired within ten days.

Watch this interview to learn what she saw. Watch this interview along with out subsequent one with Sasha Latypova to get the whole story!

She sued the government for purchasing the vaccines when the FDA approval shouldn't have been granted because the protocols of the trials were not properly followed.

Brook's case was recently dismissed. What are they trying to hide?


The portion of the trial that Brook oversaw was large enough to invalidate the entire FDA approval of the Pfizer jab.

“Pfizer's initial response in court was that the jabs were not even regulated by FDA but by the DOD as Counter Measure Prototypes....this has dire implications.

Hear the first part of the story, where Brook Jackson blows the whistle that something was seriously wrong with these trails to the point of total invalidation. Where they mock trials as Katherine Watt suggests?

As a side note, most of the cases that made up the clinical trial were in Argentina. One participant was an Argentine lawyer. He got injured and requested his medical records from Pfizer. The Argentine military responded that his medical records were classified as national security. This peaked his suspicions and he searched for and obtained the contract between the Argentine military and Pfizer for the jabs and subsequently faced harassment from the intelligence services.

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