Head Coverings and Bible Study

1 year ago

Bruce S. Bertram from The Word of God Ministries and http://www.wholebible.com takes extra time to go through the issue of head coverings along with some Bible Study techniques because there is so much misinformation and authority abuse involved.

It's sad that this teaching takes up so much of believer's time. The article on which this video is based http://www.wholebible.com/head_coveri... is one of the top ten pages visited on our site. Why? Why does this subject generate so much passion, aggravation, splitting, and false teaching? There is so much else we need to learn and practice in His Word without throwing something in there that is only mentioned vaguely in one small section.

In this video (and the article) Bruce uses some of the concepts of Bible Study to look at 1 Corinthians 11:1-16. Since we've already been through this ourselves, we can also tell you that a head covering as proponents practice it is simply not there. There. Now the people with minds already made up and a cloth on their heads can move on to another video that will confirm what they already believe. The rest of us can take some time to look at the subject objectively and arrive at the truth.

For more information our books Whole Bible Christianity: Blessings Pressed Down and Overflowing, Nicolaitan: Lords of Hypocrisy and Whole Bible Prophecy: Horror and Hope are available on Amazon.

A related video is at https://rumble.com/v2oyaiq-whole-bible-applications-modesty.html

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