Tlolocaust Episode 42 - Live

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Tlolocaust Going Live Saturday 9:00 PM EST!

Lots of weird shit to discuss this week, including

- 30 tons of ammonium nitrate found in @NukeAmerica's basement
- @Consprilogist rents a U-haul truck of peace and visits the white house
- @TheBigGuysFromQueens gets caught practicing his chimp speak on a zoom call
- @drstangegub revels over finding a missing receipt of old

And of course, we have to discuss the incredibly bungled announcement by Dumbo Ear Ron Desantis on twatter.

Join us at or lurk using the live rumble link!
We are limiting the guest count to 6 niggerfaggots this time so show up early if you want a seat at the big table.

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