Frame Game On The Ashkenazi Discussion Style (4-11-18)

1 year ago

* I asked a Jew to explain the Ashkenazi discussion style. He said: “Fuck you for framing this in terms of us Jews. Like Hitler. Who do you work for, and do they know they have a Jew-hater working for them? Also, again, fuck you.”

* Doooovid: I love ‘Yinglish’ – Yeshiva style English, sing-song talking of Jews, where we examine every topic like we are learning Talmud!

Also note the ‘duplicitous’ nature of ‘Jew-speak’, we are trained to speak to different people differently. As all Jews are fluent in Jive and know how to talk to minorities, and shift back and forth between ultimate race realists, we can be the oppressed minority, or Jewish power broker, perfectly know how to deal with each goy by how their tribe treats Jews in general, or switch it up to universalists that do not believe in race at all.

* As the Talmud says, with the righteous, deal righteously, and with the wicked, deal wickedly. (I assume the Talmud says this.)

* Many of the characteristics of the Ashkenazi discussion style are natural to all Mediterranean peoples. If you’ve ever seen a traffic accident in the Arab world, you see a bunch of people screaming and crying and yelling bloody murder.

Babs says that Middle Eastern/Mediterranean peoples are predisposed to emotional argument techniques.

You see a particularly bitter style of Jewish humor in the Torah when Jews say that it would have been had they died in Egypt where at least they had leeks.

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