Matt Forney Interview (May of 2018?)

1 year ago
232, Comments: * I was red-pilled when I was 16 and I am currently 18 now. The red-pill has made me an incredibly hateful person against basically everyone. I was raised by a single-mother and have personally seem some of the awful female behaviors that I have learned about from this movement. This has made me very anti-women emotionally although I try to fight this hatred with logic (very difficult to do). I hide my new knowledge/emotions and don’t speak about it, but the hate is always there in the back of my mind. I isolated myself from all my friends because I am too afraid to talk to them about what I know, but I have nothing else to talk about. I tried going to a therapist but she kept pushing me on what my hobbies were and I couldn’t tell her about this movement and what I was learning (so I stopped going). I was a straight A student who was finally losing weight and improving myself, but the red-pill has thrown me into a vicious cycle of depression and anti-social behavior. I don’t regret learning about what I have learned about, but I always wonder what it would be like to be blissfully ignorant again.

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