8 days ago

Desantis Announcement DISASTER, Illegals FLOOD New York, Australia Pushes Pedophilia

Will a Twitter-space presidential run announcement be enough for DeSantis to flip the American Trump base, and is Trump worthy of such base?
Mindy Robinson joins Stew to talk about how Ron DeSantis's presidential run announcement, is just the kickoff for the large scale wacko-show known as American elections.
Victoria, Australia is being infiltrated by pedophilic trannies, who are in turn being protected by Australian government for performing in Parliament!
Maria Zeee joins Stew to share how their corrupt Parliament has decided along with the United Nations to treat the LGBT mafia as a protected class, lambasting those who disagree.
Illegals are being shipped into New York, and are beginning to overpopulate America's once great cities!
LeeRoy Press is welcomed to the show to share how big the threat of illegals invading really is.
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