There is Something Wrong, 2024 Concern, Raffensperger Won’t Talk About ERIC

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8 months ago

There is something wrong. We can’t have a conversation with Brad Raffensperger about Eric. It is a concern for 2024.
David Becker is the executive director and founder of the nonpartisan nonprofit Center for Election Innovation & Research, working with election officials of both parties, all around the country, to ensure accessible, secure elections for all eligible voters. A key element of Davi’d work with CEIR is managing the Election Official Legal Defense Network, providing pro bono legal assistance to election officials who are threatened with frivolous criminal prosecution, harassment, or physical violence. Becker is also the founder of ERIC. He has resigned from ERIC claiming extreme measures from you and I. CEIR received 59 million from Mark Zuckerberg
Letter in support of the Center for Election Innovation & Research CEIR and CEIR executive director David Becker: We write as republicans and conservatives, who have worked for election integrity, security, and the rule of law. Today, election officials around the country are better protecting election integrity than ever before, but they and those that work to support them are besieged by a steady stream of disinformation designed to weaken our democracy and voters' confidence.
Signed the letter by Brad Raffensperger, Jordan Fuchs, Gabe Sterling.
They support Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg increase support for safe and reliable voting by $19.5 million.
The list is long on the states that are getting out of ERIC and you can’t get Brad Raffenspeger to talk about it
Chinese hacker strikes critical US infrastructure Microsoft uncovers campaign targeting GUAM amid fears Beijing will black out strategic base for assault on Taiwan. On Wednesday, the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency said the hacker group dubbed Volt Typhoon had been detected across US critical infrastructure.
Meta will start laying off Thousands of workers next week in a fresh round of mass cuts during Mark Zuckerberg’s year of efficiency.

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