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6 months ago

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The mission of this tour is simple, to go out and spark a revolution of Spirit & Truth in 21+ communities throughout the USA. The soft launch of this tour has already begun on April 26th, 2023 out of Virginia Beach, VA, where we as the Gideon 300 re-covenanted this nation back to God at the First Landing 1607 Project event.

The official launch of the tour will be on May 27th in Collinsville, TX on the day of Pentecost and will wrap up in Colorado Springs, CO for 7 days of fellowship during the Feast of Tabernacles! We will be moving beyond church walls, out to the highways and byways fulfilling the great commission as we travel together in a convoy across our Nation.

We must go to where the people are to fellowship with one another, not just speak to them. Let’s build relationships with our brothers and sisters as we share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, discuss our roles in the Kingdom of God and how to defeat our enemy. This will be accomplished by hosting a variety of different types of events that are geared towards families such as: fishing tournaments, concerts, mini-golf tournaments, frisbee golf tournaments, rodeos, comedy shows, fellowship nights, pop-up campground church services & faith based movie nights, revival meetings, partnering with other events and holding informative sessions. During each event we will also be working with advocacy programs geared towards helping children in various ways (ex. Christian based advocacy programs dealing with: trafficking, pro-life, food & housing provisions and veteran families). Donations will be raised at each event to be distributed to these trusted programs.

There will be a focus on the realities of the problems we are all facing in today’s society, in all areas of influence. From bringing an awareness of the April 26, 2023 First Landing Re-Covenanting event to exposing occult practices in our culture, from medical tyranny to restoring our constitutional rights, we will address it all. There will also be worship, deliverance, baptisms and teaching to bring hope and direction inspiring others to use their gifts and get involved locally. We must combat this spiritual attack on our country that’s trying to take our freedom, our children and our souls.

There is a Remnant Rising! Join the convoy, put on the full armor of God and unite with us as the Army of the Lord as we move into victory! To God be the Glory!

Robert & Jaime Agee

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