#11 6-18-18 Kevin Michael Grace On The World Cup, Marijuana Legalization

1 year ago

http://lukeford.net/blog/?p=122296 BJ Dart posts:

I’ll begin by saying that I’m a currently recovering stoner. I’m not talking about a blunt or two here and there: I mean that I would do multiple dabs a night in addition to smoking several bowls and eating a couple edibles.

PMAN aptly compared marijuana to soma. Huxley’s soma kept a population passive, peaceful, and happy in his Brave New World. There is no more apt a description for marijuana than that. As a depressant, marijuana has a stultifying effect on a person’s mood. It slows down a person’s mental processes, acuity, affects memory, and has a numbing effect on the body. It leaves its user in a near catatonic state of passivity. In physical terms, potheads have a term for this: “couchlock”. When a body high is so intense that you feel you are glued on or locked into the couch. Weed also tends to not only slow down mental faculties, but it is associated with increased feelings of paranoia. This is most evident in strong sativa strains, and stronger body highs with indica strains.

It is worth mentioning that the old story about some pot smoking, free love Baby Boomer toking it up with a group of young guns and passing the f**k out because weed is so much stronger nowadays is more or less 100% true.

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