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“Seeing Double Sales” a new business to help you grow your business, by Dan Weiss

“Seeing Double Sales” a Sponsored Event
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Seeing Double Sales is a business invested in helping you build your business.

Daniel and his wife Renee were the owners of Bluebottles in Woolgoolga for the last 10 years.

Social media is such an important factor in any successful business. Knowing the analytics of both Fb & Insta is key to gaining the most exposure. This knowledge will then allow you to drive sales, push specials and generally grow your following. My background has primarily been in the ownership and management of Bluebottles. I oversaw all our social media, including, Fb, instagram, google, TripAdvisor and our website. I grew each platform in excess of 2250%. This growth was measurable, and each follower was obtained organically and was retained as a highly engaged supporter of my business.
I not only acknowledged all comments, posts, questions and queries, I also replied to all reviews and messages. This action, although hugely time consuming was extremely beneficial in allowing us to become one of the most successful breakfast & lunch cafe/ restaurants from Newcastle to the QLD border.
I am in the business of growing businesses. I know risk and I know reward.
I would love the opportunity to “Personally Mind Your Business.”
If you’d like to give your socials the exposure they deserve and always be front of mind when your customers are making their buying decisions, send me a DM. I’d love to help.

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