Doctor and Member of Parliament James Lunney: Vitamin D Could Have Stopped Covid Before It Ever Started

4 months ago

Canadian politician Dr. James D. Lunney delivered a compelling address to the National Citizens Inquiry in Ottawa, shedding light on the extraordinary impact of vitamin D as a true magic bullet for human health. In his impassioned speech, Dr. Lunney emphasized the crucial role of this essential nutrient for all individuals, particularly those residing in Northern climates and, more significantly, individuals with dark skin.

Drawing from his own experience as a Member of Parliament, Dr. Lunney recounted his efforts to pass a bill in the Canadian Parliament aimed at raising awareness about the profound significance of Vitamin D for the well-being of nations. However, he uncovered a disturbing reality—a potential nexus between influential drug companies and governmental entities seeking to suppress the dissemination of such vital information. Continue reading the full story at RAIR Foundation USA:

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