NEW Corona Honduran Selection Toro Deal!

1 year ago

From Corona Cigar Co:
"NEW! Exclusively from Corona Cigar Company!

We waited 27 years before we finally introduced the Corona Honduran Selection Cigar. Truth be told, I wanted to release this brand back in 1998 when we released our Corona Nicaraguan Selection, but I just never came up with a blend that was refined enough that satisfied my palate. Fast forward to 2020 when my buddy Tim Person and I made the journey to Copan, Honduras to visit the Altadis Flor de Copan factory. This factory is very isolated as it is located in a part of the country where no other cigar factories are located. Very few people visit the area, and they make some of the finest cigars in the world, including Montecristo, H. Upmann and Romeo y Julieta.

The goal for this particular brand was straightforward…make a very mild yet flavorful cigar, balanced with notes of cream, toasted nuts and hardwood. With Altadis’ huge inventory of aged tobacco, clean shade grown wrappers, skilled rollers and Masters of Tobacco, we created an exceptional cigar at a very reasonable price."
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