Marianna in Conspiracyland: *FULL UNEDITED INTERVIEW* with Darren Nesbit Editor of The Light Paper

6 months ago

Whilst investigating for her upcoming new podcast series 'Marianna in Connspiracyland, the BBC's 'Disinformation' & Social Media Correspondent Marianna Spring & Darren Nesbit, Editor & Producer of The Lightpaper, interviewed each other over a 3 hour period on 11th May 2023 in The Red Lion Pub, Leek, Staffordshire.

Here is the interview, in full, and unedited. Something you will never find on the BBC.
Watch carefully as Marianna tries desperately to make links between the lightpaper and Anti-semitism, Far right extremists, hate promotion, calls to violence, undermining democracy etc...

The BBC will carefully edit the video to undermine and smear the lightpaper. Here you have the opportunity to hear the truth, fully unedited.

As a bonus, I kept the camera running when the video finished and you can see them still digging for information.

*My main camera stopped recording at one point but my backup camera captured captured what was missed. This only lasts a few seconds during the part of the interview about the BBC's coverage of World Trade Centre Building 7 on Sept 11 2001.

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