Should Braverman Resign? - The Word Cloud Tarot Show - 22 May 2023

4 months ago

This week in #ukpolitics Suella #braverman has got into a pickle.
Did she ask for special treatment after breaking
the speeding laws? Is that okay? Should she resign? does a five minute #tarot reading asking just that!

### Past - 16 Of Trumps, Tower

The _tower_ is usually a tower _collapsing_!
There has been a _downfall_,
there is _turmoil_ and
a _dictator_ _overthrown_.

Is that Bojo or the Trusterfuck?
Could be either, could be both,
or the one before.

The point is that we have a history of _crisis_,
of _disastrous_ _institutional_ _collapse_.

### External Influence - 9 Of Wands, Manifest

So what do you need at a moment like that? The
external influences all want
_heroism_ and _courage_ and _trust_,
someone who is _brave_ and _strong_,
with _compassion_ and _valour_.

Someone who is _selfless_ and _gentle_.

Is that what we got?

Did external influences win out?

### Hidden Influence - 4 Of Swords, Truce

But what's going on behind the scenes?
A _truce_.

An _agreement_ to end _hostilities_.
A _mediation_, a _moratorium_, an _armistice_.

Suella is in her position
to placate wing of the conservative party.
She is there not by merit,
not by manifest suitability,
but as an _agreement_ to
_placate_ a part of the party.
A _treaty_ with a _faction_ in _conflict_.

### Present - 15 Of Trumps, Devil

So right now, in the home office, there is a _perversion_
set upon _violent_ _subjugation_ of people,
leaving them _dispossessed_ and _oppressed_,
a _brutal_ _gangster_ who's _desire_ and _kink_
is to see people in _shackles_ being _immobilized_ and
_violently_ deported to Africa.

That is who we have in charge there,
in charge of justice!

Not *just* someone who tries to half-ass a speeding penalty.

### Outcome - 5 Of Trumps, Hierophant

What will happen? _Heirophant_ suggests
the _institutions_ may step in,
a _pastoral_ _expert_ will make
_suggestions_ and _recommendations_,
some _legal_ _guru_,
a _judge_ or _academic_ may be called upon.

It sounds like in the end,
the whips and the party leaders will decide.

### Summary

After the collapse of Bojo and the Trusterfuck
what was obviously required was a stately figure
able to make manifest the virtues,
but since the only way to get peace in the
conservative party was to offer a truce
we had to accept Braverman at the home office,
even though she's already been sacked for being basically the devil,
now she's been caught *again*, will she resign?

In the end only if she is forced to by the very
people who brokered the deal that put her there.

So since it's tories deciding, probably not.

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