Breaking the Oath: Unauthorized (5/22)

11 months ago

America 1st Productions and Jeff Wagner (of The Patriot Review) bring you this groundbreaking documentary to expose the truth many can't bring themselves to believe or accept. Covid was intentionally developed, released and spread to reduce the earth's population! What's more the treatment protocols and the vaccine are the tools of this satanic evil, resulting in the deaths of millions.

The UN and the World Economic Forum have openly plotted and initiated this demonic medical tyranny as part of a detailed and deliberate plan to destroy western civilization.
Like Adolf Hitler announcing his insane intentions in his book Mein Kampf, these evil and demonic madmen have put their plan in writing! Yet the majority of people ridicule those who have educated themselves and know the truth.

Covid and future pandemics are just one of many tools in the globalist cabal's arsenal to force those of us who survive into slavery under a new world order.

"Breaking the Oath" centers around Grace Schara, a vibrant, happy nineteen-year-old who was needlessly murdered On October 13, 2021 by Covid treatment protocols that were created to kill. Millions have been murdered in the name of Covid as a part of this demonic plan.

The heartbreaking story of the Schara family, and those this film is dedicated to, provides a stark warning to all. There is a profound evil in the world the likes of which we haven't seen for nearly one hundred years.

History is shaking us awake, urging us to remember times in which civilization was brought to the brink of collapse. "Breaking the Oath" draws parallels to our past, showing the shocking similarities all around us. We need only open our eyes.

Now, we are the generation being called upon to once again sacrifice for the future freedom of humanity. It is the legacy of greatest importance. Humanity has never faced a more serious threat.

What path will you choose?

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