Fmr U.S Attorney Tolman Reveals Shocking Information About DOJ and J6

10 months ago

Brett Tolman on Life, Liberty and Levin: “The outgoing US attorney at the time of January 6th had identified a very small number of individuals that should be prosecuted and had indicated to DOJ that that was his intention. They forced him out because he did not have the same vision that they did in terms of what they would turn the January 6th prosecution into.  And so I think about that, and who they put in, in their place, and it is someone that will toe the line and follow what Washington, DC wants and that is the greatest injustice we have, because now we see that they will do, make decisions and use their power based on politics, rather than based on the facts and the evidence, which would result in a lot of people being prosecuted and put in jail, including the Biden family."

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