Remedies Part 1 Unlisted Video

1 year ago

Originally Published on June 10th, 2021.

Why is their email proof that Fauci prescribes and gives HCQ to his family, but tells the masses it doesn’t work? Trump tells us it’s effective, but Fauci & ABC boys deny it. Here’s some versions of the recipe to make your own HCQ, Hydroxy Chloroquine at home. It’s accessible, easy, cheap, and effective. You don’t need a prescription! Research yourself scientific tests of what it cures in the past. This is one of the cures and helps stave away “Coronavirus” whatever man-made bioterrorist weapon that is, singular and or cocktail. I also mentioned mugwort, aka, Artemesia. The Madagascar president is not getting mainstream media coverage for healing his people of his country with this organic tea! Mind you, there is a fake version circulating the net from Europe I believe. So, make sure you get the real deal. It’s that easy, yet they hide this information. It’s done by design. I don’t have a picture of it in my video on me but you can look up these topics yourself for more details. Quinine is also found in tonic water. You can also use Zinc and vitamin D to boost your immune system. All these cheap remedies are at your fingertips! Just rotate it, don’t take them forever, give yourself a break from each one. My bad, I found it again. The Tanzanian president “died” because of so and so reason. Hmmmm. What did he do? He tested the Pawpaw fruit and a goat and the test results were positive for “Covid-19,” or more “accurately Coronavirus.” Covid 19 is a military op, not a disease. Proof is the words “Covid 19 are marked on 5g towers, branded physically, so they knew and planned this a long…...time ago. Do your own research…..make yourself a believer, don’t listen to anyone until you find out for yourself!
Use or search engine/ browser/ app/ extension. Do not use Google. One, it invades your privacy. Two, it censors your search results. It’s skewed. It is manipulated to only view what big tech, the Deep State Cabal want you to view because of their depopulation eugenecist agenda. They are not humans. Three, all these related big tech platforms censor what citizens share, violating free speech. Facebook, Youtube, Google, Instagram, WhatsApp are all related and are being sued for VH, Vaccine Hesitancy. They rank each user on social media with a score to censor and discredit them.

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