A Conversation with Mike Gill: Pandora Papers Follow the Money

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MG Show Season Five Ep. 89
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New Hampshire is now home to $932.5 billion in assets managed through trusts. Is this where the bodies are buried for the political elite? Mike Gill joins the MG show to tie New Hampshire's Pandora Papers to Biden, Obama and more.

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The Pandora Papers are a massive leak of financial records that reveal how some of the world's most powerful and wealthy people hide their money and assets in offshore tax havens. The Pandora Papers expose the secret holdings of **130 billionaires** and **330 public officials** in more than **90 countries**.

As for New Hampshire, it has been mentioned as a place where it is easy to form trusts and foundations that can also shield money from taxes and scrutiny. The state has a rapidly growing trust industry that manages **$932.5 billion** in assets, WHICH INCREASED BY A QUARTER OF A MILLION DOLLARS in just the last year. New Hampshire also has a relatively new law that allows the creation of **family law foundations**, which are even less regulated than trusts and can be used to hide ownership of assets.

However, so far, none of the trusts or foundations based in New Hampshire have been linked to the Pandora Papers. The leak mainly involved 14 offshore service providers that operated in jurisdictions like Panama, Belize, Seychelles, Hong Kong and Switzerland. The most popular trust haven in the US was **South Dakota**, which had 81 trusts involved in the leak.

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