Sheila Lewis Gives Her Heartbreaking Story On Her Transplant Being Withdrawn | Ottawa Day One | NCI

1 year ago

Sheila Lewis, a potential transplant recipient, shares a powerful and emotional testimony of her experience. Despite facing a court-issued gag order that limits her ability to speak freely, Sheila courageously discusses the intricate process involved in being a transplant candidate. Although initially considered an ideal candidate, she has been denied treatment based on her COVID vaccine status, despite having superior natural immunity.

Prepare to be moved as Sheila sheds light on the challenges she has faced and the impact of vaccine status on transplant eligibility. Her story raises important questions about medical decision-making and the recognition of natural immunity in healthcare protocols.

Don't miss this heartfelt conversation that highlights the complexities and ethical considerations surrounding transplant procedures and the role of vaccine status. Gain a deeper understanding of the personal experiences and struggles faced by individuals navigating critical medical decisions.

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