On The Look Out For Fake Trump Supporters in GA

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9 months ago

Trump is coming to the GOP convention. He knows the people that are doing the work. We know there are fake Trump supporters. They will be the trojan horse that will be put in place to stop Trump. WE are calling out all of the Fake Trump supporters.
Where has Brian Kemp been? Not in Columbus saying Go MAGA Go. He went to the Lincoln Dinner in CT on May 11. Can’t make it to Columbus? Who is paying for this trip? Is he trying to import democrats back to GA? Someone had to video this speech. What is he saying to the Chris Christie type republicans?
MTG is impeaching everybody. She has the guts to say it.
Joe Biden in Japan. He doesn’t know where he is. Jake Sullivan is sitting on his left. The guy on his right is Antony Blinken. You get bad news at home when you get out of town. Jake Sullivan is the guy that released a statement for Hillary Clinton and ran point for it.

Antony Blinken was a Biden campaign advisor that called Mike Morell that got the letter together for the hunter biden laptop.
Rom Emmanual was there as well. Obama administration chief of staff.

Durham reports contradict Horowitz report.
They got their guy

We just finished debunking the first special counsel for Trump. Now they have new evidence.

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