Sex Trafficking At Border Rampant Border Towns Become 3rd World Hellholes As Illegals Invade Nation

1 year ago

The US is being invaded by drug runners and cartel members, leaving towns and communities on the border to defenselessly face the brunt of the madness!
Vem Miller joins Stew to expose what disasters are occurring on our borders that the federally-funded media refuses to report.
Illegal immigrants are being handed deportation court dates, dating all the way into 2026, and being given all the necessary accommodations by our government to infiltrate the workforce without a citizenship!
Miller details how these same immigrants, with government-funded necessities in hand, are overrunning towns near the border with crime a prostitution.
A criminal practice is being conducted by the illegals, called "rape trees", where innocent women are taken advantage of by the invaders, and the women's undergarments are left on the trees as signification of the crime.
Fentanyl is coming into the US at record rates, and our border officials are working to facilitate this by providing pamphlets on how to illegally enter!
Dead bodies are being found at the border, while radical law enforcement officers believe that the immigrants' rights to privacy are being violated when these acts are documented on video.
Illegals understand that they have been given the red carpet to enter our country, and that they have more priority and favor from our administration than we do!
Cheap and illegal labor will be utilized to destabilize the work force, pushing out honest blue-collar workers and incentivizing them to become more dependent on the government.
Our administration has demonstrated that they desire to abolish America from the inside - and they have found the fast-track to doing so.
America needs a leader who will conduct mass-roundups and deportations in order to save our citizens from the increase in crime, rape, and ill-doing from foreign invaders who are being welcomed into our country.
This is TREASON!
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