18 days ago

Arizona Take Back Your Power

In this video we tell you about our new Affidavit to Remove unlawful Government Employees. This Affidavit can be found on our Websites: affidavitmommas2021.com or: Nationalfreedomcoalition.com You can also email us at Affidavitmommas2021@gmail.com or Nationalfreedom@gmail.com We are able to meet you in Maricopa or in other areas have some one try to help. Once you have downloaded the affidavit print it on 11" x 14" paper then get it notarized and send a copy back to us in one of the 2 emails listed. We will be setting up signing stations in Maricopa where you can also get a copy to sign. Contact us if you have any questions. Thank you and LETS TAKE BACK ARIZONA

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