Playful Baby Rhino Loves Charging Towards Tourist Vehicles

1 year ago

The video shows the hilarious moments of a playful baby rhino, having the time of its life, trying to intimidate a tourist vehicle with its cute little charges up and down.
The rhinoceros is one of Arica’s most endangered animal species. Rhinos are also part of the well known big five animal group in Africa. To see such a special creature out in its natural environment is always a great and wonderful experience. Finding a mother rhino with her most adorable looking baby is just incredible and rarely seen. Like with elephants, baby rhinos are very playful and always full of energy. While learning new skills in life, these baby animals love exploring and experiencing new things, like this little rhino in the video. The baby rhino wandered away from its mother to have a closer look at the vehicle. Suddenly it turned around, ran away down the road, turned around again, and came charging straight towards the vehicle. The baby rhino would stop right in front of the vehicle in a puff of dust, only to turn around again and come charging back again. This adorable baby rhino was having the time of its life and couldn’t get enough of it while everyone inside the vehicle found this whole experience hilarious.

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