39. Biaxin to Treat Bacterial Infection Secondary to the Spike / COVID / Cytokine Storm

1 year ago

This is a brief video excerpt from www.thehighwire.com

The focus is on using Biaxin (clarithromycin) by Dr. Richard Bartlett as a treatment for lung infections. This was used in conjunction with budesonide to save lives and prevent the need for ventilators.

In many vaccine-injured and long-haul covid sufferers, Biaxin may see the continued value. It is an antibiotic but has anti-inflammatory properties and lowers many cytokines associated with COVID, long-haul, and possibly the spike protein.

My partner at Harvard Medical School, Clement L. Trempe, and I wrote a patent on using Biaxin and tetracyclines to treat a wide range of stealth infections, including Lyme disease and chlamydia pneumoniae.

Here is the link to that patent for those interested in a deeper dive into the treatment modes of action.

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