All Star Political Panel - The Oversight Committee exposed the Biden crime family.

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9 months ago

The Oversight Committee exposed the Biden crime family. The layers and layers of corruption. What is the end game? What is going to happen? The only salvation is that Biden has to stay in office to pardon his son. Majority of democrats don’t want to run. Biden is setting himself up for dementia so he isn’t tried for the crimes. The Biden’s don’t have a business that has produced a product. All we are doing now is validating with documents what we were told by Tony Bobulinki. We have the Blinken, Garland, Morell evidence. Biden is a placeholder. They have to scrub that person’s history like they did with Obama.
The border surge is going to change the county. The people that are coming over now it will be a humanitarian crisis. The people they process do they do any biometrics? Where are these people?
Presidential candidates.
Winners and Losers

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