FDA NOT APPROVED: Vitamin B17 Exposed. A Timeline of Suppression

5 months ago

Can B17 cure cancer or not? What is the truth about cyanide in seeds --can it really kill you?

Suppression, revolt and revolution: LifeSource's Lane Keller and Teri Lynn explore how and why B-17 and the related amygdalin or Laetrile was suppressed, the roles played by the FDA and the media, the fate of the medical doctors and those who tried to utilize it for their patients, and the ensuing revolt by the public to retain access to potentially lifesaving substances. Find out about nitrilosides, a vital substance missing from our diets and how to restore them.

The battle over B17 and Laetrile is not just one of collusion by an alleged public agency against a potentially lifesaving substance, it reveals an insidious action to damage the vital qualities of all food. Find out how to get around these actions and much more in LifeSource's second installment of FDA NOT APPROVED.

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