Official Narrative Today: Trump Refused To Admit He Lost 2020

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9 months ago

Biden makes a bizarre joke about how think his mom and dads walls were then to be told AGAIN which way to walk off the stage.
They have to stay away from the age thing or draw a contrast or parallel between Biden and Trump.
Trump is a master of the media. Why did he go to CNN? Was that a win for Trump? He attempted to talk about inflation, collapse of the economy but they wanted to talk about 2020. We get in trouble if we talk about 2020 but they pushed it. He has to admit because if you don’t admit everything they say they seek to destroy you. They pushed the narrative as hard as they could last night.
Trump digs in on the 2020 election lies. Trump, at town hall, denies E Jean Carroll rape allegations, Nikki Haley cannot bring herself to criticize Trump’s sexual abuse verdict. Donald Trump will never get a fair trial in NYC.
Trump’s sexual abuse verdict won’t hurt his 2024 primary chances, friends and foes says.
Official narrative of the day, Trump still refuses to admit he lost the 2020 election. Trump: “I’m inclined to pardon many” January 6 rioters. Trump repeats false claim of “rigged” 2020 election.
We know there is a reason there is a war in Ukraine today. Because Trump is not president today. Joe Biden allowed it. Every single thing Trump said would happen has happened. It does not matter whether you like him or not, none of this would be happening if Trump was president.
AOC and Joy Behar lead backlash to Trump’s Town Hall claiming audience is stacked with his cult as others say former president walked all over CNN kaitlan Collins who he called nasty. You are a Nasty person. Trump scolds Kaitlan Collins in wild CNN town hall where he mocked E Jean Carroll sex abuse claims as hanky panky and her cat named vagina defended January 6 rioters and constantly refused to say he lost to Biden.
The news media wants to create your reality. And if you don’t live in the reality they have created for you they get very angry.
Something to hide? FBI refuses to hand over document that Republicans claim proves Biden was involved in an illegal bribery scheme with a foreign national.
The Biden family pocketed $1 Million from convicted Romanian while VP Joe gave anti-corruption speech in Bucharest GOP influence peddling probe into $10M in foreign cash reveals Hunter set up 15 companies after his dad became VP.
What kind of business does the Biden’s have? Joe was sworn into office when it was a kid. Has Joe ever received a paycheck from the private sector? Who set up all these things for Hunter? Hunter is all about drugs and hookers.
21 days to US debt default.
Title 42 rules expire tonight at 11:59pm
They can’t get Hunter Biden, Antony Blinken, the 51 agents.

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