America Under Attack! Our Children at Risk! Derek Maltz joins Rose Unplugged

7 months ago

The government is not reaching out to the kids. They are not being educated. Drugs made in filthy labs in Mexico.
Department of Education, social media, influencers are not being used to influence the children away from the risks
“My question to president, to the CDC, to Dept of Homeland Security, Health and Human Services; why are you not using the same social media influencers to educate the kids?"
5 million pills seized recently in one haul.
If we know that 6 out off 10 pills seized and analyzed have potential legal dose of fentanyl - then that one tractor trailer could have killed over 2 million people
And now we have a whole new horror with the animal tranquilizer being mixed with Fentanyl.
Xylazine is an animal tranquilizer and is not supposed to be taken by humans. The X-Factor can produce gruesome flesh-eating ulcers, and a rotting loss of limbs.
Witnessed in 48 out of 50 states. The DEA recently alerted public that they are finding this. It is causing amputations, and flesh to be eaten away

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