The Truth About Viruses, VAXXXines & The True Cause of ALL Pandemics From The Spanish Flu to COVID!

1 year ago

Dr. Robert Young and Anders Brunstad discussed the history of viruses and their correlation to radiation poisoning, noting that there are no new viruses and that symptoms of detoxification are often mislabeled as flu.

They discussed the introduction of telegraph lines, radios, satellites, and mobile communication, and how each of these technologies have been linked to an increase in deaths due to radiation poisoning. They also discussed the introduction of 5G and the potential damage it could cause.

Dr Robert Young and Anders Brunstad discussed the effects of electromagnetic frequencies on the human body, including cellular degeneration, pathological blood coagulation, and spike protein formation. They also discussed the dangers of 5G technology, such as the potential for radiation poisoning, oxygen deprivation, and tumor formation.

Vivi-Ann Sandnes added that the petroleum-based medicine industry and 5G technology are being used to control people and that the only way to fight back is to spread awareness and take legal action.

Dr. Robert Young and Anders Brunstad discussed the effects of electromagnetic fields on cells, the Spanish flu epidemic, and the introduction of graphene oxide in the flu vaccine. They also discussed the effects of 5G on mortality rates in Norway, the US, and Switzerland, and found that there was an increase in mortality in areas with 5G, but not in areas without it.

Anders Brunstad presented a graphical presentation showing the difference between New York City and rural areas in terms of excess mortality related to five G. He suggested that five G explains about 50 % of the excess mortality. Dr Robert Young suggested that the introduction of graphene regulated hydros vaccinations could be associated with the 40 % excess death in New York City. Vivi-Ann Sandnes shared her experience as a targeted individual in Norway and the steps she is taking to protect herself from targeted attacks. Anders suggested taking Vitamin D and C, eating organic food, using magnesium sulfide, and using Tesla Bio Healing to maintain a high vibration.

Anders Brunstad and Vivi-Ann Sandnes discuss the dangers of 5G and nanotechnology, the effects of radiation poisoning, and the need for people to be aware of the sources of what they ingest into their bodies. They also discussed the need for people to take back their independence from the overlords and to build a law of the land that takes care of each other and their health.

The historical Virus claims were found to ALWAYS correlated to new EMF events as follows:

1. 1890 Tesla, Electricity lines - Understanding of Radio waves and the Tools to Transmit and Receive.
2. 1918-1920. FM Radio introduction - Spanish Flu - H1N1 Influenza
3. 1956-1957. Microwave intro
4. 1968 - 28 Strong Military satellites
5. 1979 -1980-1 G. 450 mhz. Launched in Japan - Influenza Type A H1N1 Subtype
6. 1991- 1994 2G Launched in Finland in 1991 to 1994 Cholera Outbreak 01 Tor Mutated Strain
7. 1998 to 2001 3G Launched in Japan Leading to the 1998 Bird Flu Influenza A
8. 2003-2004.3G 2nd Gen. Sars1 Bird flu
9. 2009-2010. 4G Launched in Sweden Causing the Swine flu H1N1 Influenza the same as Spanish Flu in 1918.
10. 2015-2016. 4G LTE. H1N1.
11. 2019-2023. 5G. First 10.000 5G Antennas in Wuhan November 1 to December 31, 2019.
12. Norway switch on 5G March 3rd, 2020, but only in the bigger cities.

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