RE-MASCULATE America: With Dr. Alan Keyes | Without the Men, We Are DONE.

Dr. Alan Keyes and Jeremy Slayden have had enough of Men being feminized at every turn. It's damaging on all levels and we must have a clear understanding of the war waged by a global cabal, corporate media, and political establishments on men and masculinity. These internationalists (including the Biden administration) promote weakness, victimhood, sexual deviancy, and a progressive reliance on the state instead of faith, patriotism, and traditional values.

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The reason for this is clear:
A totalitarian society can only survive if the male population has been gelded, emasculated, and disenfranchised. By removing this natural bulwark against tyranny, the elite can centralize power and pursue collectivist tyranny unopposed. For this reason, traditional masculinity is under assault at every turn – and it’s why both men and women should join forces to fight back against this common enemy.

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