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Stuff NZ Report 13th November 2015
The Government is complying with an ultimatum from Iwi leaders to surrender control of the nations water to Maori/Iwi within a year. The government had met Iwi leaders in April 2015 to work out how to manage the surrender.
They decided to hand control to Iwi at regional council level, catchment by catchment, council by council. Fast forward to replacement of the Resource Management Act into three legislations in 2024. Iwi decision making, monitoring, management of freshwater rights and implementing Iwi Rights as agreed upon by Labour and National led Governments.
A political think-tank is set to revive the "Iwi-Kiwi" advertising theme to highlight what it claims is a plan to give Maori water rights by stealth
It echoes a notorious 2005 National Party advertisement, during the height of the furore over the foreshore and seabed, which showed National backed "Kiwi" while Labour backed "Iwi" over ownership of the beaches.
Canterbury University Law lecturer David Round, said there was no legal, moral or common sense justification for any Iwi/Maori claim to fresh water.
Iwi Elite in the drivers seat, government is the back seat passenger and the people of NZ are the roadkill. A two tier class society-Cultural Marxism- Identity Politics. WakeupNZ. Carol Sakey

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