Backstory Podcast No 153 No Boomers

1 year ago

Two old guys who refuse to debate their own party members prior to their asking for their parties nomination, enough with the Baby Boomers. Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey deployed the same tactics in her last campaign and we all know she could not hold down a job as a Wal-Mart greeter given her age and frail health. But she still has enough lead in the pencil to oust naysayers. And what did you give her to work with? The Alabama Legislature is in session and you will not believe the bills of priority, talk about fighting over deck chairs. Glock Chip legislation and the succession of power if a Sheriff dies or is removed from office? And Tupac knew it, Rapper Pras Michel takes the stand in his own defense (insert anther Titanic anecdote) as espouses that he was an FBI informant all along (while funneling money stolen from the Milesians Tax Increment Finance Fund and used to influence Both the Obama and Trump campaigns to the tune of $200,000,000.00). Trouble is the jury did not buy it and Pras was convicted this week on Ten Counts. Witnesses for the defense: former AG/Alabama Senator/US Attorney Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III and Leonardo DiCaprio must not have been very convincing.

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