Romanticize Your Life By Finding Your In-Group (5-3-23)

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12:00 Surgeon General tackles loneliness,
18:00 MSNBC: We need social connection for our survival: Surgeon General on risks of loneliness
25:00 The price of working from home
48:00 Julie Hartman goes down the rabbit hole with Dennis Prager,
49:00 Decoding Dennis Prager the guru,
1:12:00 Guardian: Chimp Empire review – this epic tale of betrayal is like Succession, but with apes,
1:22:00 When Vice was the future of news,
1:25:50 Chuck Johnson ahead of the curve on Vice,
1:27:00 Roger Scruton on why intellectuals are on the left
1:31:00 NYT: Carlson’s Text That Alarmed Fox Leaders: ‘It’s Not How White Men Fight,
1:35:00 Hollywood writers going on strike are forming powerful bonds with each other,
Left and Right have lessons to learn from Covid,
Vice's downfall,
Hoover: Charles In Charge: God Save the King with Douglas Murray,
How To Romanticize Your Life || Being the Main Character of Your Life,
NYT: The Mundane Thrill of ‘Romanticizing Your Life’,

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