National Citizens Inquiry | Vancouver Day 2

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National Citizens Inquiry | Vancouver Day 2

Shawn Buckley 1:26:58 – 1:57:53
Lawyer – Opening Remarks
Dr. Greg Passey 1:57:54 – 4:00:15
Expert Witness – Physician, PSTD expert
Dr. Passey provides excellent testimony on
‘narrative’ and how it is used to shape
perception as well as psychological damage
ensuing from lockdowns.
Kim Hunter 4:01:40 – 4:21:20
Lay Witness – Teacher
Discusses the implications and detrimental
effects of masking on children.

Caroline Hennig 4:22:00 – 4:40:05
Lay Witness
Discusses how the mandates and lockdowns
affected her father who was fighting cancer
and which eventually led to him calling for

Edward Dowd 5:22:52 – 6:18:15
Expert Witness – Wall street financial
Presents a disturbing analysis of the data
behind unexpected increases in death and
disabilities since 2021.

Aurora Bisson-Montpetit 6:18:37 –
Lay Witness – Nurse
She recounts her experiences as an 811
nurse and the actions that she took because
of this.
Dr. Charles Hoffe 6:59:20 – 8:01:05
Expert Witness – Physcian
Excellent presentation showing that natural
immunity is long lasting and that the covid
vaccine causes significant health issues
resulting in a ‘pandemic of the vaccinated’.
Jeff Sandes 8:19:25 – 9:05:55
Expert Witness – Free lance journalist for
Epoch Times
Discusses the changes that have occurred in
how journalism is undertaken and the
factors that influences the news that is
James Jones 9:06:20 – 9:18:35
Lay Witness
Discusses how the vaccine mandate and
workplace coercion and bullying affected his
wife and resulted in her suicide.

Lisa Bernard 9:19:25 – 9:40:00
Lay Witness – Nurse
Vaccine Injury plus relating how lockdowns
affected her patient care and affected her
mental health.
Dr. Steven Pelech 9:40:52 – 11:15:45
Expert Witness – Professor in Neurology at
Discusses how viruses operate, the mRNA
vaccine and the effects it has in the body.
Dr. Ben Sutherland 11:16:10 – 11:42:25
Lay Witness – Research Scientist
A highly trained research scientist with
Fisheries & Oceans, he lost his position due
to the vaccine mandate.
Shaun Buckley 11:42:27 – 11:43:18
Lawyer – Closing Remarks

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