RFK Jr: Fauci Funded Seamless Ligation, a Technique Used for HIDING Human Fingerprints on Lab-Created Bugs

1 year ago

"He [Fauci] funded Ralph Baric to develop a technique called seamless ligation. And that is a technique for hiding the engineering project," explained Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

"So, normally, when you do that kind of engineering, you can see it, and you can say, 'That bug was created in a lab,'" he attested.

"He [Ralph Baric]] developed a way of hiding all traces [of what] was developed. And he taught that to the Chinese scientists — to Shi Zhengli. There is no public health [reason for this]; it is the opposite of what you would do if you are interested in public health... To teach people how to hide that only has a nefarious purpose."


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