Do You Overlook Yourself ?

11 months ago

Did you ever feel overlooked or not important as a child?

Today, the scars of that might show up as:

*People pleasing.
*Always putting others first.
*Difficulty prioritising your needs or wants.
*Imposter syndrome (who am I to be/do/have such a thing?)
*Feeling disconnected from your inner being.
*Playing it safe or small.
*Difficulty enjoying lasting love
*Addictions (workaholic, gambling, food, drinks, drugs, porn etc)
*Letting opportunities come and go without acting.
*Missing out on life
*……..(fill in the blanks with your own version)

Today, I am going to help you integrate the lost forgotten inner child so you can receive more love and happiness.

Did you know that the further back you go into your childhood, the more powerful the negative hold of your memories is?

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