The Shocking Truth: Leaked Jeffrey Epstein Calendar Reveals Current CIA Director's Ties to Scandal | The Jonathan Kogan Show

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Welcome to our explosive podcast where we delve deep into two of the most shocking stories of the year. First up, we'll be discussing the recent leak of Jeffrey Epstein's private calendar, which has sent shockwaves through the political establishment. The calendar includes the names of some of the world's most powerful figures, including the current CIA director, who appears to have been in close contact with Epstein during the time of his notorious crimes.

But that's not all - we'll also be investigating the financial woes of Vice, the once-thriving media company that was valued at an incredible $5.7 billion. Despite its meteoric rise, Vice is now on the brink of bankruptcy, with insiders blaming mismanagement and a lack of direction for its decline. We'll be examining what went wrong, and asking whether there's any hope for the company to turn things around.

So join us for a jam-packed episode full of intrigue, scandal, and financial drama - you won't want to miss it!

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