Episode 17 - Xi Van Fleet - Survivor Of Mao's Cultural Revolution

1 year ago

American Conversations Host Christine Dolan interviews Xi Van Fleet, who was born and raised in China during Mao's Culture Revolution and moved to America in the 1980s. She grew up under Communism and has seen oppression first-hand.

In recent years, she noticed "political correctness" seep into America culture, but in 2020, she realized how Marxism and Communism was on steroids.

By June 2021, she became a reluctant activist out of real concern about what was happening, and publicly addressed the Loudoun County (VA) School Board and told them that their indoctrination of children was wrong and dangerously parallel to what she experienced under Mao in China.

Mrs. Van Fleet has been speaking out ever since Recently, a Catholic university in the State of Washington refused to have her speak on campus. It was not the school officials who rejected her but the students.

In this interview Mrs. Van Fleet asks Americans to wake up because no one wins under Communism and Marxism.

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