JUAN O SAVIN- COMING TO A HEAD All at the same time PART TWO- NINO 4 29 2023

7 months ago

THIS WAS THE FOLLOW UP TO THE PREMIER ON NINO SHOW ON YOU TUBE. Convergence is what we call it in SCIENCE. This is involves every element we have been waiting for... THE BIG SHOW... CHINA REVEALED, Ukraine BIOWEAPONS, Historic Take down of Mi6 and the BRITS behind most of the POLITICS and BIDEN IN TROUBLE. The SECOND AMERICAN REVOLUTION will not be TELEVISED. Because THEY can't. SATAN is not creative he is a COUNTERFEIT. Same thing over and over again. And just like those that went after JOB in the BIBLE. It wasn't just an irritation it was ALL AT THE SAME TIME. And JOBS wife said "JUST CURSE GOD AND DIE". IT WAS THAT BAD. But the men around Job KNEW that he had to persevere. And in those days GOD KNEW TIMING. One thing we don't have these days is very many MEN LIKE JUAN O SAVIN. Who have dedicated their entire life to OUTING the DEEP STATE and the OBVIOUS WAR they have WAGED AGAINST US! It is time to ENJOY THE SHOW.. IT IS BIBLICAL. More popcorn please... as it all is REVEALED.

Kerry Cassidy's two cents:
Takeaways from the above video…Apparently the Committees in the House are hearing testimonies from whistleblowers and a lot of arrests are going to be made.. they just expanded operations to Guam from Gitmo and they are talking about tribunals with prisoners held in ships off Gitmo... surrounding the Hunter-Biden laptop evidence and the Mike Gill New Hampshire evidence (see my interview with him)…

Juan is also talking about instead of prosecuting the 2020 steal of the vote traitors, they are looking at the Democrat Russia Russia story implicating Congress and Biden etc for misleading the people surrounding the lies about the Hunter-Biden laptop (implicating 51 members of Congress) for saying it was fake. The plot to focus the election steal on Russia damaged Russia-US relations and misled voters into believing that it was Russia involved in the steal when it was China and the Biden crime family, MI6, Israel, Germany, the Vatican all along.

Regarding the case against Dominion that Fox caved in on…according to Juan the two companies are somehow linked behind the scenes and owned by the same people so the money simply went from the right hand to the left of the same outfit.

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