"Foo Fighters" of World War II

1 year ago

While the US government created the world's first government office to address the UFO question only after Kenneth Arnold's famous sighting in the summer of 1947, it was far from the first time that US officials had been forced to contend with UFO reports. Throughout the Second World War, Allied and German pilots frequently encountered fast-moving balls of light and other strange phenomena over Europe, the Mediterranean, and the South Pacific. The large volume of reports make it abundantly clear that the UFO phenomenon preceded the summer of the flying saucer, and suggest that the US government may have known more than they let on in the wake of Arnold's sighting.

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Illustration by V.R. Laurence (https://vrlaurence.com)
Research by Jason Charbonneau
Music by Josh Chamberland.
Animation by Brendan Barr.
Sound design by Will Mountain and Josh Chamberland.

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This video uses sound effects downloaded from StockMusic.com.

UFO Case Review contains sound design with elements downloaded from FreeSound.org. Typewriter_2rows.wav, Uploaded by Fatson under the Attribution License.

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