Rescue Master Tang Trailer The Monkey King Teaser

9 months ago

The Monkey King: Rebirth Trailer Journey to the West: The Reincarnation of the Demon King

At the beginning of chaos, the first demon in the world was born, named Yuandi, and was worshipped as the ancestor of demons. Thousands of years later, the former demon king Sun Wukong is rescued from the Five Elements Mountain by Monk Tang, who promises to protect him and go to the West to get the scriptures.

Stars: Roly Gutiérrez,Jason Kesser, Donald Guzzi, Dalton Walker
Chinese Stars: Jiang Bian, Lei Zhang(monkey), Xuecen Bai, Zhongyang Baomu, Shangqing Su, Tu-Te-Ha-Meng
Adam Juang (Yunfei)

Xiaoyu Wu
Writers Wu Xiaoyu, Wang Yunfei
Producers Alex Wong, Fu Ruo Qing

epic, Adventure, action, anime, animation, kung-fu

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